Folk Tales to Sing About

Included in each of these collections are:

  • an original short story, written in the style of a folk tale
  • an original song, composed to enhance the folk tale
  • arrangements of the song for a variety of Junior ensembles – choir (SSA plus easy piano accompaniment); Orff-style classroom arrangement; Junior Band (containing beginner and more able parts for most instruments) and String ensemble (2 violins, 2 cellos, double bass).

All of the arrangements listed above can stand on their own, or be played in any combination – as you like.

Please look at the “Zooming into your kindergarten/school/library” option section for further options

You are invited to get creative! Write your own original folk style story – think Grimm Brothers, but less grim! If your story is chosen as a winning entry, you will receive $50 prize money and Smorgasbord will create music to accompany your story!

We can’t wait to read your stories!

Competition Terms and Conditions:

  • chosen stories will be used without further royalties
  • chosen entries will receive $50 prize and the author will be invited to attach a short biography
  • intellectual rights will be forfeit

Please see Submit a Folk Tale section of this website to participate.

Meet The Artist

Rayne Jobling-Paitai

My name is Rayne Jobling-Paitai, and I am a university student currently undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Writing at Deakin University. My enthusiasm for writing is complemented by my passion for illustrating the characters described on the page. Illustrating has always fascinated and excited me, as I like to think I can create a reciprocal relationship between words and images.

This is my first professional job in the illustrating field, and I couldn’t have asked for a better project to work on. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with such a creative individual like Audrey Klein – her flow of words in both song and literature, spoke volumes to me as an artist. It is so wonderful to be a part of the team that helps bring Audrey’s extraordinary visions to life!

Contact info: