All Folks Can Dance

On this page, you will find “All Folks Can Dance” packs. These come in 2 parts.

Option 1 is a Dance Pack. This contains:

  • Instructional video you can use in your classroom
  • Written dance description
  • Full audio track to dance to
  • Lead sheet with boomwhacker chords

Option 2 is an Orff-style classroom arrangement of each dance. These packs contain:

  • A full arrangement of the dance for classroom instruments, with audio track
  • Separate parts of everything in the full score with instructional videos for use in the classroom

You can buy each of these packs separately or combined, at a reduced price, if all of it is useful to you!

All the dances included here have been tried and tested by me over many years of teaching in the classroom and leading community dance events. I have also found these to be tremendously useful as teaching tools for further Music learning. I hope you do too.

Also, on this page, you can order extremely valuable resources that are becoming less available with time. Grab them while you can!

Audrey’s idea of teaching the movement with our hands and singing the melodies first is revolutionary – it gives the students confidence in what they are doing and helps develop their aural skills before they begin to move. I will attempt to introduce more dance with the students, using Audrey’s method.

– Elizabeth Braga