Sing Your Heart Out

This page contains original songs I have written on a particular theme each time. Some of the songs on this page support the folk tales you can find on the books page of the website. For example:

  • “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” supports the book called “Things Aren’t Always As They Seem”
  • “Follow Your Dreams” supports the book called “Swan Song”.

Songs on this page are stand-alone compositions, but all songs contain the following options:

  • Arrangement for SSA choir with simple piano accompaniment which could be played by a student. Not all parts are necessary for the song to be useful. In every case, the first Soprano line is the melody and second soprano and alto are harmonies that can be added individually – or use both if you would like the full effect.
  • Arrangement for Junior Band. In the case of most parts, I have included both an easier and a more challenging part for you to choose from. Use them all if you have a wide skill range in your band, or pick and choose. Whatever suits you.
  • Arrangement for Junior String ensemble. As for the band arrangement, I have offered 2 violin and 2 cello lines so you can tailor the arrangement to your ensemble.
  • Arrangement for Orff ensemble. These are designed for use in the classroom. As with the other arrangements, there are options for easier and more challenging parts, for maximum inclusion of all your students.

All the above arrangements are also compatible with each other, so they can be used in any combination that suits you. For example, you may decide to teach a song to your class and discover that they like it so much that you would like to use the whole choir arrangement. To make a performance of the song more spectacular, you may decide to teach it to your string ensemble and combine them in a beautiful, rich, end-of-year musical feast. 

If you have any other questions about these arrangements, please do contact me at the email address below and I will do my best to help you. 

Also, if you have written a song and would like me to arrange it for one, or more, of your ensembles – let’s talk!


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