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About This Resource

This resource has come about for 2 main reasons:

1 - My passionate wish to broaden children’s minds by giving them the opportunity to explore different cultures in our ever-shrinking world. My aim is to present music as just one facet of cultural life by offering it in conjunction with typical games, arts and crafts of a given culture, as well as offering a range of other creative activities to enhance their educational experience.
2 – In recognition of the requirement of 1 teacher in school to be able to teach across a number of Arts areas that seems to be increasingly prevalent in education. My hope is, also, that many teachers within the school can find useful ideas and activities in this resource, to enable the Arts to be more fully integrated into school life.

How to use this resource:

Each “chapter” of this resource focuses on one country. There are certain aspects present in every chapter and other activities that are unique to the individual chapter.

The aspects in common:

  • A flag and a map, showing the country presented, in relation to Australia
  • A piece of traditional folk music, arranged using typical classroom instruments, in the Orff style, making it suitable for anyone to play
  • A colouring page showing a male and female in traditional clothing
  • Then, each chapter has an assortment of activities covering a range of curriculum areas, such as sport, art, craft, drama, creative writing and more.
  • Each instrumental part in the arrangement has an instructional video to go with it, so even those teachers who are not musically trained can be successful. There is also an example of a full arrangement, as a performance idea for the teacher, or for the students to play along with.
  • I have also included an extra surprise from the culture you have chosen, at the end of each chapter.


I hope you gain as much pleasure and satisfaction from using this resource as I have gained in producing it.

In the Pipeline:

Meet The Artist

Kelly Mrocki

Kelly Mrocki is a dedicated mother of 2 and has worked in the early childhood sector for nearly 10 years. Over that time, she has written 3 children’s books, run sustainability programs for kindergartens throughout Melbourne, received the Higgins award from MP Kelly O’Dwyer in recognition of her work in the local community and won the 2018 Victorian Premiers Sustainability Awards. Kelly’s childhood years were spent growing up in the beautiful Dandenong Rangers sparking a lifelong love of nature. She loves going camping with her husband and family, singing with the Chocolate Lilies choir and tending to her veggie patch that was converted from unused lawn.

Kelly enjoys painting in a range of mediums, but has recently discovered a preference for painting Australian birds in watercolours. This inspiration came from volunteering at her local “Friends Of’ group, where all the beautiful birds would gather in bushland near their planting site.

Kelly has greatly enjoyed having free rein in her contributions to various projects for Smorgasbord Music and Dance and looks forward to participating in on-going projects into the future.