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 of music!

Pull up a seat at the table and dig in to a feast of resources utilising original folk tales, songs and dances as well as traditional music, songs and dance from around the world!
There’s a plate here to suit everyone’s taste.

Smorgasbord Music and Dance is not only a business – I am here to support you in your life as an educator.

World Music

This is a cross-curriculum resource, designed to be very accessible across various areas of a school, or just by the Arts teacher – whatever suits! It includes instructional videos for those of you who are not confident with music notation.


I have written songs on various themes, in different styles, for use in Primary school. These packages include arrangements for use with Junior ensembles, choir and in the classroom.

Tasty Morsels

Tasty Morsels is a “tasting plate” of traditional and original music, dances and songs that are stand alone items. These are not in big collections, as are the other resource packages, but there is plenty of variety here.

Dance Packs

This page includes “All Folks Can Dance packs” These are packs that include lead sheets, dance instruction videos and classroom arrangements fo dances from around the world that have been tried and tested by me over 40 years of teaching.


The folk tales are supported by original songs that you will find on the Songs page of this website. “Swan Song” is compatible with “Follow Your Dreams” and “Things Aren’t Always As They Seem” is supported by “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”.

Courses & Things

Find out about short courses, longer courses, webinars and other events I am involved in, or running myself. You can also book me for a zoom class with your students or a PD for your staff. Let me know how I can help you.

Audrey’s idea of teaching the movement with our hands and singing the melodies first is revolutionary – it gives the students confidence in what they are doing and helps develop their aural skills before they begin to move. I will attempt to introduce more dance with the students, using Audrey’s method.

– Elizabeth Braga

About Smorgasbord Music and Dance

This project has evolved in response to the many changing needs of educators of all kinds – the Arts teacher who needs to be able to teach across all Specialist areas, home schooling parents, as well as those teachers who are simply looking for new and different resources to enable the Arts to become more integrated into broader school life.

After so many years of involvement in Music Education, I have never ceased to be amazed by how profoundly traditional music and dance from any culture can connect to children in the classroom. What is now known as “World Music” has a deep and abiding way of touching people and connecting them to each other in a way that has become more important than ever.

Meet Audrey Klein

Audrey Klein is a founding member of the seminal multicultural folk dance band Shenanigans. For the past 40 years, Audrey has had experience leading folk dance in the community and in schools; performing as a multi-instrumentalist, teaching Music in pre-school and Primary school, and training Music teachers in the Orff approach to music and movement education.

Both of the artists supporting me are story tellers in their own right. One of them, Kelly Mrocki, has written 3 beautiful, award-winning books on environmental themes. They are available for purchase here. As time goes by, there will be other books added to this page, so please keep an eye out!

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Years Teaching

All of my digital products are licensed for a sole user which covers one individual teacher wherever they teach.

If you are planning to use my products with multiple teachers at a school, I ask that you consider purchasing more than one copy. The same applies if you are teaching across multiple schools/campuses. I have endeavoured to keep the purchasing cost low, to facilitate this.

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