Feast On A Book

On this page, you will find original folk tales and stories, each written with a particular message in mind. The folk tales are supported by original songs that you will find on the Songs page of this website. “Swan Song” is compatible with “Follow Your Dreams” and “Things Aren’t Always As They Seem” is supported by “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”.

You will also find beautiful books on environmental themes written and illustrated by Kelly Mrocki, one of the artists working with me.

Happy reading!

Meet The Artists

Kelly Mrocki

Kelly Mrocki is a dedicated mother of 2 and has worked in the early childhood sector for nearly 10 years. Over that time, she has written 3 children’s books, run sustainability programs for kindergartens and won the 2018 Victorian Premiers Sustainability Awards. Kelly’s childhood years were spent growing up in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges sparking a lifelong love of nature that she shares with her family.

The Girl Who Saved The Frogs and The Boy Who Saved The Whale are books based around Kelly’s children and their dedication to the animals they chose to help look after. Kelly’s daughter Charlie chose to look after frogs when she was 3 years old and has done many things to raise money for the zoo’s frog breeding program and create awareness about the plight of our frogs. Kelly’s son, Josh, chose to protect whales and has worked with Sea Shepherd to raise support and funds for their campaigns at sea.

Kelly’s 3rd book Ew Yuck is about her niece and nephew, who love all creatures, great and small.
In her spare time, Kelly loves going camping with her husband and family, singing with the Chocolate Lilies choir and painting Australian birds.

Rayne Jobling-Paitai

My name is Rayne Jobling-Paitai, and I am a university student currently undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Writing at Deakin University. My enthusiasm for writing is complemented by my passion for illustrating the characters described on the page. Illustrating has always fascinated and excited me, as I like to think I can create a reciprocal relationship between words and images.

This is my first professional job in the illustrating field, and I couldn’t have asked for a better project to work on. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with such a creative individual like Audrey Klein – her flow of words in both song and literature, spoke volumes to me as an artist. It is so wonderful to be a part of the team that helps bring Audrey’s extraordinary visions to life!

Contact info:RJPillustrations@outlook.com