Wonky Rhythms

Many teachers find the prospect of teaching rhythms other than 4/4 daunting, so I have put together this package to ease your way into teaching 7/8. In this package you will find:

  • An original speech verse in 7/8 (and a bit of 4/4!)
  • A step by step guide to using this verse in the class setting, utilising the Orff approach of multi-modal learning.
  • Extension activities incorporating creative movement, the use of instruments and performance suggestions.
  • An assessment rubric, in case you would like to use this series of ideas as a major assessment piece for the year.

I have more “wonky rhythms” pieces under way, so if this is useful for you, keep your eye on this page or let me know of your interest and I will email you when they are ready. You can do this through the contact page on this website.

Have fun!